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Meet Vecos at Workspace Expo

Key themes at Workspace Expo:
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Join the hybrid work frontrunners

Key themes at NeoCon:
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Future of work and workplace

Key themes at Worktech Berlin and Munich:
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What is a smart locker system? …and why does every office need smart lockers?

Dynamic offices require new workplace technology
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How to Create a Dynamic Workplace that Attracts and Retains Talent?

Invest in talented people to drive business growth
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5 top ways a smart locker system enables new workplace realities

1. Dynamic change management goals – get the ‘small things’ right
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How to define, create and benefit from a smart workplace

What is a smart workplace? So, what exactly is a smart workplace - what are the things that make it...
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The smart locker system for the dynamic workplace

{% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True,...
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Smart Workplace Lockers - Top 10 Features that can Make or Break your Workplace Storage

And with Covid-19, one thing is certain: Workplaces will be more dynamic than ever! Covid-19 marks...
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Practical Tips for Offices post Covid-19 – Navigating the new Normal

But it so seems that the entire notion around offices is shifting. Workplaces are transitioning...
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