Top 9 benefits of smart lockers for workplaces

Sep 2, 2021 11:53:05 AM | Team Vecos | 4 minute read

Successful dynamic workplaces use smart lockers. As remote and hybrid work become the norm, offices are transforming. Smart lockers are playing a vital role in this evolution. These convenient storage solutions cater to both employees and management, making work easier for everyone.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of smart lockers and discover how they're reshaping modern workplaces for the better.

Our self-service, on-demand smart lockers are designed to make workplaces more flexible. People can work how they want, with secure storage when and where they need it. Our smart lockers are hassle-free, can optimize resources, and can adapt and scale with changing workplace needs. 

Benefits of a smart locker system for employees: user-friendly and hassle-free

1. Puts people in complete control
In a dynamic work environment, people no longer have assigned seats, desks, or lockers. They use the office space according to their activities for the day. This is what makes dynamic offices more inspiring - people are empowered to work, collaborate and communicate in the way that suits them best.

With smart lockers, movement within the building become frictionless. Your employees are in complete control and have the freedom to work from anywhere! They can seamlessly move from floor to floor, with on-demand smart storage when and where they need it.

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2. Totally flexible and easy to use
Our self-service smart lockers are designed by workplace experts so that your people can have an effortless user experience. Smart lockers are on-demand and hassle-free: This means people can book, access, and release a locker via their company badge, smartphone, or even facial recognition. So, no more lost keys or forgotten pin codes.


The push-to-open feature means that a simple nudge of the elbow makes each locker practically contactless. Also, background management commands can freeze a used locker and notify the cleaning staff, automatically un-freezing the locker when it is clean and safe for the next user.

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3. Automated coaching messages and behavior change ‘nudges’
With our digital lockers, your employees automatically receive a notification if their assigned locker is inactive for more than 15 days. This discourages ‘camping behavior’ and frees up valuable resources for other people, keeping the space working dynamically.


The system also sends coaching messages, highlighting the benefits of flexibly using their workplace and especially, their locker. After 45 days, if they struggle to use the flexible facilities, their access is ‘turned off’ and they get contacted by the workplace team for a helping hand.

4. Effortless and practical locker sharing

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork are the keys to successful businesses, and our smart lockers promote just that. With our system, team members can easily share their lockers with an individual or a group, creating a self-service team storage solution.

With team lockers, people can hand over important documents, shared work, IT assets, and other belongings with little or no dependency on other team members' schedules.

We can configure our lockers based on your workplace needs. With just one smart system, you can help your people feel at home on every floor, empower collaboration, improve internal logistics, and make visitors feel welcome.

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Benefits of a smart locker system for facility management: total efficiency

5. Time savings and administration efficiency

Smart lockers are self-service and keyless, so your facility management team doesn’t need to spend hours manually assigning lockers and keys to employees. Also, they don’t need to go through the hassles of issuing new keys or changing pin codes because someone lost their key or forgot their pin code. With smart lockers, locker assignment, and management are completely automated.

Without these unnecessary and mundane activities, they can focus on streamlining or innovating other important parts of the business.

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6. With smart lockers, you need fewer lockers

Did you know 40% of office lockers go unused? With dynamic storage, not everyone needs a permanent locker. Some of your people will benefit from flexible day lockers and guests will benefit from safe and secure storage, only when visiting the office. With a flexible smart locker system, one locker bank can be configured in different ways, to meet your exact and changing needs. This all saves valuable floor space as lockers are allocated based on usage data, minimizing locker wastage.

Also, this is a great feature for companies that have employees working in shifts. Lockers are assigned to people linked to their shift patterns and re-assigned to another employee in a different shift, automatically.

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7. Lockers are configured to your individual company needs

When it comes to dynamic storage, one size doesn’t fit all. Your organization’s storage needs might be very different from other organizations. With our smart locker management system, you can configure one locker bank to fulfill many different needs, at the click of a button.

So, whether your people need flexible day lockers, fixed lockers, team lockers or your guests need temporary storage, one system supports everything. Smart lockers can also be assigned for parcel collection, IT spare parts handover, and team changing before they head to the gym.

One system, with so many ways to use it!

Another smart locker benefit is saying ‘goodbye’ to double-booking and locker claiming, which is basic human behavior. If someone has a locker assigned, they won’t be able to book another locker until they release it. This keeps things dynamic and by reducing waste and optimizing resources, is better for the planet too.

8. Real-time user insights facilitate data-based decision making

With our smart locker system, your facility management team doesn’t need to keep a log of locker usage in spreadsheets; the system does that for you. This means a lot of time savings and almost zero human errors.

Our smart lockers provide real-time reports on locker occupancy and usage which help the administration get a bird’s eye view of locker utilization and employee behavior. By looking closely at the data, organizations can make data-backed decisions and optimize resources further.

Deloitte’s new office in London now supports 30% more people, in 3% less space. Alongside this, it has reduced its on-floor storage dramatically by 60%. That’s 60% less storage! All thanks to our smart lockers!

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9. Seamless third-party Integrations

Our smart locker technology adapts to your organization and can seamlessly integrate with external third-party applications. So, say goodbye to the manual syncing of employee data and hello to automatic up-to-date rich insights and data. After all, technology should help simplify, streamline, and centralize processes, not clutter them or add complexity. Our smart locker system is the perfect partner for the modern smart building.

Smart technology is the ‘best friend’ of the dynamic workplace

Organizations are becoming more and more dynamic and technology-driven with every passing day! Smart lockers are a key part of the story. Vecos is the world leader in smart locker solutions, and we know what it takes to be truly dynamic. Book a 15-min introduction call with one of our team, to find out how to digitally transform into a smart workplace and why smart lockers are an intelligent technology to invest in.


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