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The future of work - 5 most impactful workplace trends for 2023

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5 Top Ways a Smart Locker System Enables New Workplace Realities

1. Dynamic change management goals – get the ‘small things’ right
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Top 9 benefits of smart lockers for workplaces

Our self-service, on-demand smart lockers are designed to make workplaces more flexible. People...
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How do smart lockers work? A step-by-step guide to dynamic workplace storage

The 5 components of a smart locker system
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5 ways smart lockers improve employee experience

The key to a successful flexible work environment? It’s the ease with which you can get settled and...
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Smart vs. Traditional Lockers - Why offices need to transition to smart lockers

Unlike traditional lockers, smart lockers offer flexible and automated storage on demand, which...
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Join Vecos at WorkX, San Diego

Employees continue to demand more flexibility in the workplace and companies are adapting their...
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How to select the right smart locker system?

In Q4 2022, the number of businesses that have already implemented a hybrid workplace strategy has...
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What is a smart locker?

As workstyles change and workplaces adapt to flexible ways of working, the relevance of workplace...
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Join Vecos at Workspace Expo

Some Key themes at the Workspace Expo conference At a time when working methods are...
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Join Vecos at WorkX, New York

Key themes at the WorkX conference WORK - Stay ahead of the trends in workplace...
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Join Vecos at Orgatec

Don't miss Germany's most exciting smart workplace trade fair: Coming soon ORGATEC's...
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Join Vecos at WORKTECH

Vecos x Sanofi - Goodbye traditional office, hello smart and personal solutions Whilst...
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