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On the future of work and workplace strategy

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The future of work - 5 most impactful workplace trends for 2023

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5 Top Ways a Smart Locker System Enables New Workplace Realities

1. Dynamic change management goals – get the ‘small things’ right
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Top 9 benefits of smart lockers for workplaces

Our self-service, on-demand smart lockers are designed to make workplaces more flexible. People...
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How Data-Driven Technologies Revolutionize Workplace Design

Embracing technology to enable the future of work The workplace is constantly evolving, and...
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5 Reasons why your office should transition to electronic lockers?

With our electronic lockers, employees and visitors can feel secure and comfortable working...
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Rules are Crucial for a Successful Workplace Concept, but who Follows them?

Chafia and Rolfob (2019) have investigated which rules there are in a flexible working...
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Flexible Workplace Strategies: 3 Tips to Approach them Right

The research is based on the database of Leesman which consists of more than 550,000 respondents...
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Creating Better Buildings for the Future with Technology

Ground-breaking healthy, technologically innovative office buildings with a positive energy...
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Digitalization and Co-Creation - the Spearheads of Accenture’s Workplace Strategy

In this interview Andreas Thiem, Workplace Lead of Germany Central at Accenture, explains about...
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Attracting and Retaining Talent with the Smart Workplace

Understanding the needs of the employees is crucial, especially when moving into new working...
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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Office Spaces?

What exactly is office space utilization and why is it important? Office space utilization is...
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A Good Employee Experience Matters: Your Workplace Helps to Achieve that!

The B2C market learns us a lot about customer experience. The expectations of the modern customer...
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7 Emerging Trends Relevant for the Workplace in 2020

For this reason, we have compiled a list of workplace trends for 2020. These trends help you...
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