5 Reasons why your office should transition to an intelligent locker system

Sep 2, 2021 12:53:33 PM | Team Vecos | 2 minute read

More and more offices are switching to flexible or activity-based working (ABW). A smart move, because this provides many benefits for both the organisation and the employees. ABW goes hand in hand with the use of smart technology. The implementation of intelligent technology ensures that all users quickly gain insight into e.g. the available office spaces, workplaces and lockers. Vecos is the global market leader in intelligent locker management systems specially developed for activity-related and flexible workplaces.

Vecos facilitates and realizes lasting change in companies through:

  1. Smarter and more efficient use of the buildings.
  2. Stimulating a dynamic workplace.
  3. Automating administrative processes.

We do this with our locker management software. In this blog, we show you 5 reasons why Vecos' smart locker system is a necessary addition to any intelligent office building.

1. Relieve your facility team through smart locker management

With our locker system, your facility team saves a lot of time. In a virtual environment, you can see exactly which lockers are in use and you can easily generate reports about the locker use in your office. In addition, you can see all users, their rights, and other relevant data in one overview.

You can automatically import and synchronize this data with, for example, your access control database. And the best part is that your facility manager no longer has to walk to lockers when lockers have to be assigned or when badges are lost, this is all automatically and independently arranged by the user.

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2. Integrate our smart locker system in your workplace app? No problem!

In many modern office buildings, a workplace application is used in which all functionalities are collected. This ensures that office users can manage everything at one central location. Our locker system effortlessly integrates into various office applications and has various APIs available for this. You can add all the functionalities in your workplace app or, for example, choose to only visualize the availability, such as when you integrate this into a virtual floor plan.

This can be done via third party applications such as Mapiq, or of course via your own workplace app. In addition, you can also opt for integration so that your lockers can also be used for logistical purposes, for example via MyPUP.


3. Choose a smart mix of fixed, dynamic and hot locker

With a smart locker system, the allocation of fixed, dynamic and hot lockers can be freely configured. A fixed locker is particularly suitable for users who still use a fixed workplace.

A dynamic locker is more suitable for people who are already used to the dynamic use of office spaces. With a hot locker, time restrictions are associated with the use of the locker. With smart locker configuration, fixed, dynamic, and hot lockers can be used effortlessly at the same time.

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4. Open lockers the way you want

Our locker system allow users to open, exchange and release lockers completely independently. Lockers can be assigned via, for example, the smartphone, via an (RFID) card on the locker or at a terminal. The options are very extensive and we are happy to adjust these to the wishes of your organization.

The automatic allocation is all without the intervention of your facility team, but you can see at any time which lockers are being used by which user.

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5. With Vecos' smart locker system you keep both people's belongings and the associated data safe

Smart lockers ensure all unused lockers are always locked. The advantage: an unused locker cannot be used as a waste container and the contents of the locker can always be traced to the person who last used it (via the log files). When using a locker, a reminder notification can be sent to an email or smartphone of the user if the door is left open by accident.

In the event of an unauthorized opening, a notification can also be sent to the user and/or a central facility team. Data is also stored securely and GDPR proof in the cloud or at your location.


These are just five reasons, but we are confident that you have gained a better picture of our smart lockers. Vecos stands for innovation, decisiveness, and quality.

We are constantly updating our systems and continuing to develop them so that we know for sure that our smart locker management system also meets your future wishes. We will gladly show you the possibilities of our locker system for your organization, request a demo here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Want to be future ready?

Hybrid working is here to stay. Dynamic storage gives your people the freedom to work anywhere, easily. Contact us to find out more about smart locker technology, and the role it plays in flexible workplace success.

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