Why Opt for SaaS-based Locker System?

Jun 4, 2021 9:41:14 AM | Team Vecos |

In 2015, Vecos started offering ​‘Software as a Service’, or SaaS for short. The world of software development was already strongly moving in that direction, for instance with the well-known Office 365 packages. We proceeded with care in order not to deter potential customers.


Many organisations were not ready to give a third party the responsibility for the software’s availability and handling their personal data. In those days, 80% therefore still opted for an ​‘on-premise’ solution.

Today, the ratio has completely changed and 80% chooses SaaS. And within a year we will be at 90%. You see that the mindset is changing with customers. There is more trust. Now, they do have the knowledge and contracts to professionally purchase our SaaS service. More and more they already understand the necessity of it, even before we are given the opportunity to persuade them.

Vecos now wants to offer all of her clients a SaaS service. With it, we can cater to the needs of end users much faster. Moreover, it makes our solution more reliable and affordable, with less hassle for the customer.

Bram Kuipers

Managing director Vecos

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Want to be future ready?