How will your workplace benefit from a smart locker system?

Aug 2, 2022 2:04:46 PM | Team Vecos | 3 minute read

40% of office lockers go unused! That’s a lot of lockers. And most workplaces still have to spend considerable money and time to maintain these lockers. But with changing workstyle and evolving workplaces, traditional lockers are more of a liability than an asset. That's where smart locker systems step in. They help your employees move effortlessly throughout the office buildings and save time for your facilities team.


With the new way of working where people are not in the office every day, workplace storage needs to evolve to fit workplace flexibility. And that’s exactly what smart lockers do. Not only do they help save money, time, and floor space; they make the workplace more flexible, effective, collaborative, sustainable, and help attract and retain talent. We have a roundup of 5 top benefits that your workplace will get from an automated electronic locker system. 

1. Traditional lockers are a ‘’nightmare’’ for the facilities team when compared to electronic lockers

With traditional lockers that still involve issuing a key for every office personnel, the hassle is unbelievable. Not only does one need to keep a manual log of the keys; but it also takes quite a significant amount of time trying to troubleshoot the loss of keys. Not only that, the assignment of lockers is also manual. So, the facilities team has to spend time manually checking the logs to see which lockers are available and then assign a locker.

With electronic lockers, your facilities team spends 90% less time on locker configuration and management. With our locker management software, your facilities team can automatically create locker configurations as well as import and synchronize data with the existing access control database.

Our self-service electronic locker system is also designed for an effortless user experience. The whole manual locker assignment thing becomes ‘’something in the past’’ as now users can assign themselves to the lockers and use them as and when they need.

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2. Smart lockers mean fewer lockers, hence savings w.r.t floor space and cost

Without a locker management system, lockers are pretty much the property of the employee for the entire period of time he/she works for the company. This is irrespective of whether they use the locker or not. So, naturally, with an expansion of employee size, you also need an expansion of lockers. That means you need more floor space to accommodate those lockers.

With a smart locker system, you can allocate the lockers as personal lockers or as shared lockers. This is a great addition for companies that are working dynamically, especially when people are not in the office every day. Fewer lockers mean less furniture on the office floor. Facilities Managers can achieve up to 40 percent more floor space by optimizing their locker management system.

3. Seamless integration with your office IT ecosystem

Our smart locker system is the perfect accessory for modern smart buildings. The electronic lockers are designed to seamlessly integrate with any IT or IoT ecosystem, to enable a totally unified workplace experience. So, say goodbye to the manual syncing of employee data and hello to automatic up-to-date rich insights and data.

We have over 50 API integrations live with leading tech platforms and third-party technologies: workplace systems, access control, and identity management systems.

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4. Lockers are configured to fit your workplace needs

With one smart digital locker system, you can create multiple configurations in a way that fits all your workplace needs. Our workplace lockers can be used as personal lockers whereby employees can have their own private space, even in the most dynamic workplace.

Or it can be configured as day lockers where more than one employee can use it in a day. This removes all barriers to flexible working and supports total freedom of movement. Lockers can also be used for visitors or a central place to store parcels. It can be used for asset management to enable better collaboration even at a time when everyone is not at the office at all times.

So, with a simple click, you can essentially assign and re-assign any locker to be more than just personal storage. If this is not flexibility, what is?

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5. Real-time user insights mean more flexibility and more sustainability

Real-time data helps you understand how office lockers are used. You can figure out more about locker usage, occupancy usage, and employee behavior and then use that data to adapt and optimize resources effectively. These insights can be on a high level or can be really granular, right down to individual locker bank or locker level, to help problem-solve any reports of missing belongings from the locker, see who last used the locker, or even help aide in contact tracing.

Deloitte reduced its on-floor storage by 60 percent using the Vecos smart locker system. This reduction was largely due to the firm’s commitment to reducing dependency on paper and introducing smart lockers that have automated business rules. In effect, Deloitte reduced five drawers of storage per person to just one simply by responding to the data insights. Read the complete case study.

With smart office lockers, you commit to workplace sustainability. You install furniture that is meant to undergo daily use for years to come. This also means you create less waste to fill the landfills. These green lockers also do not require batteries which can save up to 80 percent in energy costs.


Hybrid working and workplace flexibility is the future. Our intelligent office lockers help workplaces become more flexible because they enable frictionless movement of people throughout the workplace. It’s the safest system in the market, it is SaaS-based and with Vecos, you get 24x7 support. It helps you save on space, time, and costs – while inspiring your people and making sure they’re ready for anything.

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